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security deposit

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Sorri que escriba en espanol mi nombre es dayana necesito ayuda con agarrar un apartamento

Sorri que escriba en espanol mi nombre es dayana necesito ayuda con agarrar un apartamento ls aplicasiones que e metido ni pasan y yo tengo el dineo dela renta y la mitad del deposto yo tengo dos niños de 9 y de 7 y estoy embarazade de 7ymedio y aorita estoy durmiendo en un hotel pero me sale muy caro ayudenmen por favor

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I am a father of 4 children. Was married 22 years. I need a place asap for my daughter and I to live. I have worked for the same company for 3 years. I need help with security deposit. And first months rent. I found a few places but am scared that because I have to move in by Feb 1st I won't have enough money. I should be fine by February 20th. My home is being sold and should have money to payback very soon. To top off my issues, I'm currently going through Chemo/Radiation. If there is anything or anyone that can help me, please contact me.
Thank you
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security deposit, Security Deposit help: I need help with a security deposit. My son and i are homeless and we

I need help with a security deposit. My son and i are homeless and we were finally approved for a apartment that we love. Can someone please help?
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need help with security deposit and maybe first months rent if possible please living with

need help with security deposit and maybe first months rent if possible please living with sister and she wants us out me n my 8,6, n 1 yr old. I've called everyone seems like cant get help when needed so if possible please!!
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i need help

Hi ma name iz terry I'm currently in a homless shelter I need help with my securtiy deposit so me ma wife and new born kan move in are appartment
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asap security deposit i have found a place that i can afford after i can get the money to get into it....

i have a 3 year old and i am currently excepting a newborn very soon i really need help a i am a single mother, i have called all the programs in reading, no one can help....
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help with security deposit

I have so many issues and circumstances which have led me to this page, but I am in dire need of some help for my security deposit, and am about 12 days away from getting an eviction notice. I just kept thinking I could do everything on my own after finally ending a abusive relationship, but nothing at all seems to be working out. I am strong and refuse to give up, and crawling back to my ex is not an option, but the concern is for my son, who has watched me struggle through this dead-end relationship with a woman beater, and I hold all the guilt and pain because I should of ended this so long ago but didnt, mostly because I lacked confidence of having to face the world alone, I suppose. I begged and borrowed to get this decent apartment and was determined to start over from scratch without much of any planning whatsoever, but pure desperation and the utter fear within my sons eyes proved to me that, for some reason, the prayers to my God might be going unanswered, and careful and logical planning somehow got swept away by severe depression. I just simply can not roll over and crawl under the blankets and give up trying when my son is depending on me now, more than ever, and I wont. When I found this apartment online I used every penny in savings and borrowed some to pay the rent. The landlord was very reasonable and allowed me to pay the security deposit in two installments, one on the 15th and one on the first. The 15th has come and gone...and now he is not being very nice at all. I make enough money for rent and utilities with no problem, but this 875 dollars for the deposit is so much weight and the thought of taking my boy to a shelter of some kind makes me physically sick. I have posted ads for cleaning and attempted to sell a couple of my only remaining items I have left on craigslist, but no one is calling. I have called so many places from various resources that I have no minutes left on my phone, at a time when I absolutely need it the most, and what I got from 350 minutes of airtime was to hear over and over how no one has funding available. I know I can do this..I feel it..we are so close to achieving that feeling of safety and normalcy and piece of mind that has been gone for all these years, and all I literally have left to do is trust in my God, and reach out to other human beings and hope for the best. I have a letter from my landlord outright demanding a $445.00 deposit which I had promised to pay on the 15th, I have my rent agreement and receipts from when I moved in, and I dont even need to see a single dime from anyone at all. I am willing to give you the owners name and phone number, whatever is needed I will do what it takes.I can work the money off by detailed cleaning or secretary work. Please message me if you have ANY resources at all...thank you for listening...
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hello, i am trying to get 500 dollars for a deposit on a place before me and my two kids are on the streets. any help would be so very nice. my email is
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This is just ridiculous. The more I try, the more it gets harder!! My dearest friend gave me $200 so I can give to the landlord for a security deposit. I tried to give it to him yesterday and he wouldn't except it because it wasn't the full amount!!! You gotta be kidding me. Now I have to come up with $700 and where is that suppose to come from, I don't know. All I know is I have to get my children out of here! I have until next Thursday, and after that I don't know where we may end up. I just hope and pray, it doesn't result to these drug and violent infested streets. If anyone can help my children and myself, please email me at
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need help asap

Hi i am trying to find help in missouri with a security deposit. Our family qualified for section 8 housing but at this point we are unable to come up with the deposit to move. We have been on the waiting list for 4 years and really dont want to lose the chance to get back up on our feet. But time is almost out we just found out we have till Feb. 1 to come up with the money. My husand and I are both looking for employment but are struggling with finding anything. We have two small children that is why i am doing this i know there are people out there that need help worse then me and i hate asking for help because of it. But i have to think of my kids!!! If anybody knows of any good resources to get help with a security deposit please let me know. Also work i would love to work from home because we cant afford childcare at this time but have been unable to find anything lagit that i dont have to put money into. Any help would be great thanks so much for taking the time to read this God bless and keep us in your prayers.
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Gerrie 1973  

I need help with my security deposit

Hi my name is Gerrie I just was told I had to move in June of this year. Section 8 is not paying my grant to my landlord any more because of the living conditions. I have a 14yr son and a 6yr daughter. I just hurt my bad really bad at my job they don't want to pay me my workmans comp.. I have no type of income as of yet. I just found another house and I need help with my security deposit 1100 If someone can help me I will appreciate It.
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I'm tired of hearing No!!

$800 away from homelessness and need help. I've tried earning the money. I've tried raising the money. But it doesn't seem to be enough. I’m tired of websites offering single mom grants that don’t exist, single mother assistance that doesn’t deliver. I’ve applied for public assistance and I don’t qualify. I’ve appealed to the Salvation Army and similar programs in the community and they either don’t offer the assistance, don’t have funding or require you to be unemployed and living in a shelter to qualify for assistance. Most often when you live in a shelter, you can’t work or own a car. What’s a mother to do?? Take the kids out of school and quit work? That hardly seems like a reasonable answer.
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Hello Im a mother of 4 kids and 1 grand-daughter. I have to move out of my house by May 18,2011. I have found a house to move into. They want a security deposit of $2500.00. Im currently looking for work, all income i have is afdc. and my husdand is disablie. but we are waiting for his ssi to come in. and if i dont have the deposit i will lose the house and my family will be homeless and i have a child that is type 1 diabetis where he has to take insulin 5-to 7 times a day. his insulin needs to be cold. Anything will help . thanks
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Just A Little Help

Hello I'm a mother of 4, recently I recieved my Section 8 voucher and I;m ready to move out of where I live, I've been at the place where i am since I was 11 years old, my mother moved out and left me the apartment, I am now 33 and so ready to get out of this place because this no place to raise children and I have 4 of them. I was on the waiting list for 10yrs and just recently recieved a letter in the mail to go to a meeting and pick my papers up. They only give you 60 days to find a place and I did, I just need help with my security deposit, I went to the Board of Social Services and they told me I had to be recieving cash assistance which I don't the only income i have is my son's Social Security Benefits, I am in college double majoring in Human Services and Computer Science and my husband is disabled and has been out of work for 8 months already, so right now I am holding the fort down, I wouldn't have a problem getting the deposit but I have a electric bill to try to pay off because I can't move into a home with no electric, we are so backed up with this bill, thats why its hard to for me to come up with the deposit, all I ask is for a little help, I tried various agencies and they all say the can't help me, I don't want to lose this house, my children are excited and I don't want to let them down.
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About bbydee

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About mommy809

Hello All..

I came across this page as ive been googling in hopes to find help or resources to getting some financial help with a security deposit. Im a single mother to a great little guy who above all in everywalk in our lives never fails to keep a smile on my face. I had my son at age 18 and have been able to provide a home ever since. I do recieve section 8 which im am so thankful for.However do to my job loss and a move that is just a few days away im in panic mode inside. i did apply at the assistance office for a tanf dervision however due to recieving child support i am not stomach is in knots trying to figure this one out. I have found a place that is a great fit and in a amazing school district for my son everything is set other then my deposit any help advice would be greatly appeciated Thanks :)


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About SendMeAnAngel

Hello Everyone,

My request for help is for a security deposit. I am a single mother of 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl, ages 11,9, and 4. We have been blessed with Section 8 after having waited for it for about 9 years. The only problem is Section 8 doesnt help with the Security Deposit. I am still paying rent where I currently live and bills, and Im not working, I am due to move July 3rd and I am still short on my security deposit, this situation really has me stressed out, I dont want to lose my voucher, I feel that would be a great benefit for me and my family. I just need some security assistance...

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About Dolly82

I've been out of work for almost two years with an unknown and undiagnosed illness.During this period of time I've been renting and have had bad luck with getting a good and honest landlord. I had to move due to fraudulent activity done by the owner and refusal to make appropriate repairs. I am in need of  a security deposit for my new  place and beds for my daughter and I. At this time I don't have enough to pay to move, get a truck, and pay the first month's rent. If I can be helped in any kind of way that would be sooo great!!!!

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About jon12

hi my name is jonathan me and my fionce and my 1 year old doughter are in need of a home we can aford to pay rent because we have jobs put cant come up with a security deposit we need some support to get a home for us thank you

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About Ange87

Hi, My name is Angela. I am 22 years old, and 6 months pregnant. I am currently in desperate need of slight financial help. I am in need of a $400 security deposit to move into an apartment I had found through housing.  I have no family willing to help and am staying on random couches for the time being. I had been in the local shelter but had been kicked out for being in the hospital over-night without the proper permission. There are no local agengcies able or willing to help. I am unemployed and currently ineligable for cash assistance through the welfare office. I am trying to do what is best for my son and I, but I find myself in a ditch that I can't seem to get out of. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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